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See the 2016-2017 Financial Brochure for more information

Used Book List – 2016-2017


K – 6      $5,630/year ($563/mo x 10 months – August to May)
7 – 8       6,200/year ($620/mo x 10 months – August to May)
9-12       $8,365/year ($837/mo x 10 months – August to May)

12-Month Plan:  12 equal payments  (June to May), family accounts must have a -0- balance as of May 31, 2016:
K – 6      $507/mo x 12 months – June to May (Includes Comp Fee)
7 – 8       $555/mo x 12 months – June to May (Includes Comp Fee)
9-12       $740/mo x 12 months – June to May (Includes Comp Fee)

Accounts with a zero ($0) balance at the end of the month will receive a $5 on-time-discount
Accounts that are 60 days past due will be assessed a $10 service fee.


Comprehensive Fees include costs for items such as: Capital Renewal, Classroom Supplies, Disaster Program, Elementary Music, Home and School Dues, Library, School Pictures, Student Association, Student Growth, Student Insurance, Technology, Textbooks (K-6), Yearbook….

Grades                          Total                      Due Aug 15                              Due Oct 1
K-8                                 $450                                   $225                                            $225
9-12                                $500                                    $250                                           $250


NEW STUDENT DISCOUNT: A tuition discount of 10% will be given for each new student that enrolls at MGA in their first year.

FIRST MONTH FREE DISCOUNT: The first month will be free for any student entering  TK, K, or First grade that is in possession of their  “First Month Free” baby dedication certificate from an MGA Constituent Church.

REFERRAL DISCOUNT: A discount will be given to a current family that refers a new student to MGA (limited to one discount per current student per family). To qualify , the new student’s name must appear on the current student’s re-application form and the current family’s name must appear on the new student’s application form.

MULTI-FAMILY DISCOUNT:  For families with 3 or more students,  a 15% tuition discount will be given to the 4th student and a 10% tuition discount will be given to the 3rd student. Students are eligible for one discount and the most advantageous discount will be applied.

ON-TIME DISCOUNT:  All family accounts will receive an on-time discount of $5 if their account has a zero balance by the 15th of the month.

SCRIP: A family account will earn 50% of the profits for the Scrip they have purchased. Scrip categories include supermarkets, gas stations, fast food, restaurants, and on-line and other shopping. Profit percentages range from 1% to 25%.


Grades K-8 (for Credit) – Max 2 Subjects
$ 325 Per Subject Per Semester
$ 227 Registration and Comprehensive Fees

Grades 9-12 (for Credit) – Max 3 Subjects
$140 Per Unit per Semester
$ 25 Per Lab per Semester
$257 Registration and Comprehensive Fees


Mesa Grande Academy offers a comprehensive English Language Program that prepares International Students (I-20) for high school graduation and college enrollment. Please call the Office for additional details.