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Riddle, Alfred

Alfred Riddle, Principal

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Welcome to MGA!!!

If you have ever walked onto this campus, you know that MGA has a special feel to it. You somehow know that good things are happening. Where does that “feel” come from:

We are a community of Biblical Christians and we give our students and parents multiple opportunities to express this life-choice and life-style as they participate in our program.
The family-oriented school community – Parents are truly interested in their student’s education. They support the school and each other in a myriad of ways.
The many activities that are taking place – We have something for everyone – field trips, sports, Home & School activites and events, music and drama, video and computer technology and of course the Excellence in the Educational Experience.
Come on by and visit us soon! We think you will find this school to be a place where your student can excel in their education as well as excel as part of a dynamic community.