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Simmons, Juli

Juli Simmons: Spanish, Career Ed, Life Skills

Extension: 233


Welcome to my home page. Here you can find information about Spanish, Career Ed, Life Skills and College Counseling and SAT prep. I look forward to spending the upcoming school year with your students.
You can access my assignments, projects, grades and important web links on RenWeb.


Spanish I explores the world of Spanish, introducing students to basic conversational phrases and grammar. They will have several projects throughout the year, and will have opportunities to experience Spanish speaking culture through video, readings, food and music.


Spanish II further develops the grammar and vocabulary of students, introducing more complex concepts. Students in this course will also build a website of projects and activities in Spanish. This is the year they will take a Spanish trip to expose them to both the language and the culture.


Career Ed gives students the opportunity to learn about all different types of career and education options after high school. Students develop their own web pages that serve as a digital portfolio of their work throughout the year. Job shadowing is a major highlight of the semester, which gives them the chance to follow and learn about careers right along side professionals in their field.


I will be available to all high school students throughout the school year for college counseling and SAT prep. I will be on campus to help with college applications, scholarships, SAT prep, and any other questions students may have about college and their preparation during high school.


This class introduces the Freshmen to everyday skills that will help them in life. It is broken into modules, with my classes covering finances, cooking and sewing. They will also spend time with two other teachers, where they will learn school survival skills (study habits, etc) as well as auto and woodshop orientation.