Questions and Answers


Do you expect on-campus learning to resume in August?


Will the school share guidelines on the measures being taken to keep students safe?

Yes, we will be sharing information throughout the summer as it becomes available.

Will students be required to wear face-coverings?

All students will be required to have a face-covering to use when physical distancing is not possible. Students will be educated on the proper use of face-coverings.

Will MGA provide face-coverings for students?


How closely are you planning on following the CDC, state, county, and SECC guidelines?

We are planning to follow them as closely as possible which will allow for on-campus learning to continue.

What will in-person classes look like?

Classrooms will generally have students facing in the same direction. Also, nonessential equipment will be removed from classrooms to allow for as much social distancing as practicable.

Should I be concerned with overcrowded classes?

No. We won’t exceed our normal capacity, but we are planning for classroom configurations with consideration for social distancing.

Will students be screened upon arrival at school?

Yes, we are finalizing the logistics, but we are planning on a screening process upon arrival to school that would include temperature checks, questions about symptoms, and hand washing/sanitizing. Faculty will be screened, as well, and students and staff will be required to stay home if they are sick.

What can MGA do to protect students and teachers who have a compromised immune system?

We will do the best we can to follow official guidelines and requirements to protect those individuals who are at high risk.

When and where will students wash hands?

There will be age-appropriate training and a schedule for handwashing. We are also exploring the use of portable handwashing stations and using hand sanitizer more frequently.

Are you considering alternating school times if distancing cannot be accommodated with the current square footage? Such as a shorter day, no lunch period, or having students attend school every-other-day?

These are options, among others, we are currently studying. We will have plans for multiple scenarios.

Would the school or a grade of students move to distance learning if a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19?

We will consult with appropriate health department officials for guidance on a case-by-case basis. Teachers will continue to work with students to further their learning from a distance if needed.

What is the protocol if a student or faculty member shows symptoms of illness during a school day?

If a student shows symptoms of illness (elevated temperature, coughing, sneezing, etc.), they will be separated from others and supervised until picked up by an authorized adult. We are still finalizing the full protocol plans for a positive COVID-19 test result.

Will we (parents) be informed of possible COVID-19 cases from an MGA student or faculty member?

Yes, we will notify with anonymity should a case arise.

How will you know all students and staff don’t have the virus? Are you going to test everyone?

In any public setting, there is risk of exposure to the virus. We will not be testing students and staff, but we encourage individual families to follow recommended testing and quarantine protocols if symptoms develop.

Will there be music classes (i.e. choir, band, handbell choir, etc.) offered?

There won’t be in-person concerts at this time, but we are studying the best options to continue music—having class outside or in a classroom where students can be safely distanced.

What is the plan for athletics?

Currently, we are working on solutions that will allow us to have athletics. We are also waiting to hear from the CIF about their recommendations.

Will students be allowed to eat and play outside for lunch and recess?

Yes, being outside is one of the best things we can do.

Will the cafeteria still be open?


Will before and after school care still be an option?


How do you ensure that students (especially in the younger grades) practice physical distancing while on campus?

Teachers will do their best to educate and regulate. Students will be scheduled in a way to reduce the interactions with students from other classrooms.

Will you offer a discount on tuition if distance learning is the only option?

We are still exploring all options so we don’t have a definitive answer for this question, yet. We want to work with each family to ensure their child can remain enrolled at MGA.

There is talk of a possible resurgence or second wave of COVID-19 this fall or winter. Are there concerns that the school year could start with in-person instruction only to pull back to virtual instruction?

We are preparing for that possibility, should we be required to return to distance learning.

Will distance learning be made available to students whose parents aren’t comfortable sending them back to campus in the fall?

We are committed to working with all our families to continue education for each student.

Some students have difficulty with the monotony of distance learning and lack of social interaction with their friends. What are you doing to help these students?

We are anticipating being able to provide on-campus instruction. We will, however, continue to research best practices for off-campus learning.

Do you currently have supplies for cleaning and screening? Is there a plan should supplies become depleted mid-year?

Yes, we have ample supplies and a cleaning plan in place with our cleaning company we contract with.

What about restroom hygiene?

Restrooms will be included in the daily cleaning schedule.

Is there a disinfecting plan that includes electrostatic spraying (fogging)?

We are exploring the efficacy and possible purchase of this particular sanitizing technology.

Is MGA ready to accept the legal obligations in case a positive case is traced to an exposure on campus?

MGA is working closely with the health department to provide a safe environment. Parents will be required to sign a waiver form at the start of the year.

Will there be someone we can contact if we have questions or concerns related to COVID-19 and the reopening of school?

Elisa Suphol, vice-principal, will be the point person for initial information and questions. (