Creating your Grad Ad

1. Choose a size and submit payment and contract to the office by September 30 to reserve your space.

Full Page 7 7/8 in x 10 3/8 in (Vertical) – $315
Half Page 7 7/8 in x 5 1/8 in (Horizontal) – $220
Quarter Page 3 7/8 in x 5 1/8 in (Vertical) – $125
Eighth Page 2 1/2 in x 3 7/8 in (Horizontal) – $75

Turn in both contract and payment early (by August 31) for ~25% discount

2. Choose how your ad will be created

Create the entire ad yourself

Double-check your layout size.

Advertisements in hardcopy format will be scanned as-is. Submit to the office in an envelope with your child’s name on it.

Advertisements in digital format must be submitted in PDF file format. Email the file to Your ad will be printed as-is.

We require saving the final file as a PDF to ensure proper dimensions and quality. DO NOT submit your design as a spreadsheet (Excel), word processing (Word), or any other file/document other than PDF. Your design will get messed up and we will be unable to fix it.

Have the Yearbook staff create your ad

  • email ALL text (message, Bible verse, etc) to (please do NOT attach a word document, please write your message directly in the email)
  • Upload digital photos to our photo server (website: , sign in with a student computer account and password) OR put digital photos on a USB drive inside an envelope with your child’s name on it and turn it in to the office
  • Digital proofs will be sent through ParentSquare for your approval

If you have ORIGINAL printed photos (NOT printed from digital files), we are able to scan them in at high quality, and trim them as-needed in the computer. Please DO NOT print out digital photos for us to scan, they will be very low quality. Make sure all photos or USB drives are in an envelope with your name on it if you would like them returned.

3. Submit by the deadline

Completed advertisement OR pictures and text for us to create your ad must be turned in BEFORE October 31.

4. Pick up your original photos or USB drive

Everything turned in to the office (photos or USB drives) will be returned to the office, and you will be notified when they are ready to pick up. Please ensure that your photos and/or USB drives are properly identified so there is no confusion on who they belong to!

5. Contact us by email

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Grad Ad, please do not hesitate to personally contact our Yearbook Editors-in-Chief by email at

Please note that our submission deadlines are set by our publisher. If these deadlines are not met, your photos or ads may not be included in the yearbook.

If you have any questions at all, please email the yearbook staff at

Mesa Grande Academy’s Grad Ad Picture Policy

All pictures included in the Grad Ad must follow these rules: NO jewelry of any kind, no inappropriate clothing or props. Appropriate props (i.e. sports equipment, musical instrument, graduating year, etc), family members and friends are allowed in the pictures for the Grad Ads.